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For children in school years 3-6, Refuel provides a chance for children to explore the christian faith though games; crafts; sports; conversations; prayer times and more! It's an ecumenical event run by leaders from churches across the Leeds area, and our children come from many church and non-church backgrounds. Itís a chance for all of us to get together and make new friends!

Refuel is a place for all of us to meet together and discover more about God and what He is doing in our lives, while having lots of fun. Refuel is supported by Scripture Union

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'What I experienced on my first ever visit to Refuel'
Well to start off I liked how you had a lots of things to do, e.g. kínex, remote control cars, chocolate and fruit sculpting and you could go to any of them whenever you want. I also liked how you had a snack table so if you felt hungry so you could get a snack or drink.

But I didnít like how long the singing went on for? But I was thinking you have a lot of space there so maybe you could do more activities or maybe go outside and play games like football or dodge-ball or maybe parachute games as well.